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Agricultural businesses play a significant role at various levels of the wider agro-food value chain – from primary production to processing, logistics, marketing, and supplying input materials and services. Furthermore, they are major employers in the economy and play a major role in providing rural infrastructure. Money spent in agriculture achieves more than money spent in any other industry due to the multiplier effect of the value chain.

The survey provides African agribusinesses with valuable insights into industry trends, with a focus on the impact of global megatrends on agribusiness on the continent.

The larger agro-processing sector contributes significantly to the GDP of Africa and is key in realising Africa’s economic potential in the future. Africa is at a crossroads where it can either take concrete steps to realise its potential, or continue to lose competitiveness – missing a major opportunity to increase growth, employment and food security (World Bank, 2013).

The publication contains a high-level economic outlook on sub-Saharan Africa by an economic advisor to PwC. It will highlight the most important macroeconomic trends that agribusinesses need to be aware of today.

We also provide feedback on PwC’s Agribusiness Insights Survey, conducted among chief executive officers (CEOs) of agribusinesses in Africa. This feedback is coupled with PwC’s own insights and market knowledge on five selected megatrends that impact agribusinesses today.

To gain further insights, we had a cup of coffee with two industry leaders and share their thoughts in this publication.

Through this publication, we want to support the sector to realise its potential and, given the megatrends that impact the world in which they operate, make smart strategic decisions for the future.

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