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Your growth journey begins here

A specialized sector-focused support platform for growing businesses in Africa.

Management & Leadership Training

We partner with leading universities and industry experts globally to design, develop and deliver executive training programs that enhance the performance of your organization. Our aim is to develop management capabilities and maximize the leadership potential of you and your team.

Our training programs give you the opportunity to grow your Pan African Network as you engage with industry players from across the continent. Connect with a diverse group of business leaders from potential customers and suppliers to investors and possible implementation partners.

The skills, tools and network you gain by participating in one of our tailored programs will help accelerate your pace of business growth.

leadership training
Industry learning

Industry Learning Tours

We design experiential learning tours of specific companies, industries and countries to expose you to models of success and industry benchmarks in your area of interest.

Gain first hand insight into business models that work in Africa. Tour companies and industry clusters; Interact with the founders and executives of high growth companies and learn from their tried and tested experiences. We combine our training programs with industry tours because we believe that there is no substitute for the wisdom of experience.

Be inspired by the stories of businesses at various stages of growth to define a golden standard for your own path.

Business Coaching & Mentoring

We provide dedicated support services to help you build the system capabilities needed to propel the growth of your business. We work with you to provide solutions specific to your needs and strategic goals.

Our aim is to help you take your business to the next level of growth.  Whether it’s accessing new markets, developing financial and operations management systems, aligning product innovation to target markets, building a case for investment and finding new sources of finance, or providing training to develop a skilled leadership team, we provide personal guidance for the business that aspires to grow. 

Industry learning

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aspyre Growth Accelerator?

 Aspyre Growth Accelerator is a specialized sector-focused support platform for growing businesses in Africa. We assist enterprises to develop management and system capabilities that ensure a path of growth and business excellence

Who is our target market?

 Our core focus is enabling enterprises with high-growth potential to succeed



Where do we operate?

 Across Africa, wherever need meets opportunity

Do we offer customized programmes?

 Yes. Together with our globally renowned partners, we have in-depth expertise in a design and solution process that ensures your unique needs are met